2nd July – Review Session

Today we spent the session reviewing where we have got to and planned the noticeboard for the school.

To begin with we went over the reponses we have had from people we want to do portraits of. Quite a few of the famous people we have approached are too busy with other projects to take part, but have sent messages of support.

We have four confirmed people that fit within the types of people we wanted to have:

Science vs Religion – Mr Riley vs Mr Nihill
Television vs Theatre – Christine Talbot (Calendar, ITV) vs Tajinder Hayer (Playwright)

We are still waiting for responses from others but equally need some more names and ideas. Please remember to pass on any suggestions to Mr Riley.

Artists Briefs
After having the sessions with the three main artists, John (video), Kippa (photos) and Damian (audio), we need to provide them with some guidance when they are doing the portraits. To help with this we are working on a demonstration of what they might do by using Rachel (our PR person) as a guinea pig. We’ve interviewed her and taken photographs and then asked the artists to come up with some ideas.

We reviewed some photos from Kippa, who took over 200 in a short session. These included ideas he talked about in his session including outdoor and indoor shots, close-ups, ones with and without backgrounds and photos including objects.

John had made a short film of the interview with Rachel. This include close-ups of gestures, pictures of some of the things she mentioned and close images of her face. The video was shown replaying on a television surrounded by books, reflecting Rachels occupation as a writer.

We have left some questionnaires with Mr Riley for everyone to fill in. These have some easy questions about the types of things you liked about the pictures and video, with space to write your own comments if you are feeling creative.

The Noticeboard
We decided to setup a noticeboard in the school for two reasons:

1) To promote the project to the rest of the school
2) To act as a template for the promotional material we will need to produce

The group started to put this together but we need to sort out some more material for this. The key elements still needed are:

1) Some titles
2) An ethics statement
3) An explanation of an MRI Scanner
4) Pictures and details of Mr Nihill and Mr Riley

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