Intel’s ‘Museum of Me’

It seems that the concept of identity is in the air again, as over the past few days several new ways to produce a modern day portrait have emerged. The latest is from Intel and makes use of your Facebook profile. It creates a virtual museum with different rooms showing pictures, connections, videos and status […]

Beatboxing Brain Scan

The BBC today features this video story about carrying out an MRI scan on UK champion beatboxer Reeps One. You can read the full article here:

Social portraits

Is ‘Memolane‘ the future of digital portraits? It creates a timeline using all your online social media, both old and new. You can easily scan through the timeline to see what you did when and with who. Maybe this is what we’ll need as we make more and more use of sites like Flickr, Facebook […]

New ways of making portraits

There are constantly new ways evolving to create portraits and show who we are to the world. Why not try ‘Textify‘ to turn an image of yourself into a text portrait? You can choose the letters that you use and mess around with various settings.

Me, Myself & MRI website launches

With the exhibition completed, the project team have been working on documenting and archiving the whole project for the web. The new Me, Myself and MRI project website was launched earlier this month bringing this 4 year long project to a formal close.

Guest post on Wellcome

Kirsty did a guest post on the Wellcome Trust blog today, to mark the official launch of the newly revamped ‘Me, Myself and MRI’ website. You can read the post at:

MRI helps track link between music and feeling good

Research just published in Nature Neuroscience suggests that listening to music releases mood enhancing dopamine into the brain. The researchers used PET and fMRI.

Will brain scans be a feature of the Apprentice?

The BBC today continues the almost weekly trend of showing how useful MRI scanners are, by reporting on a study looking into people who make decisions. It is thought that this could allow you to spot people who might make good leaders. Read more: There is also a nice video showing a participant going […]

Pinpointing deception

The BBC reports today on research using Functional MRI to pinpoint which parts of the brain are used to deceive people. Researchers are hoping that helping to understand how the brain works will help in the understanding of ‘mental disorders’. Read more on the BBC website:

Christine Talbot sneaks on to the BBC

The BBC News Channel did an outside broadcast from Knaresborough Technology Park yesterday, home of project partner Apollo Creative. The portrait of Christine Talbot featured as a back drop for several of the reports, including an interview with Mark Hildred. As one of the interviews wrapped up, the smiling face of Christine appeared on the […]