Social portraits

Is ‘Memolane‘ the future of digital portraits? It creates a timeline using all your online social media, both old and new. You can easily scan through the timeline to see what you did when and with who. Maybe this is what we’ll need as we make more and more use of sites like Flickr, Facebook […]

New ways of making portraits

There are constantly new ways evolving to create portraits and show who we are to the world. Why not try ‘Textify‘ to turn an image of yourself into a text portrait? You can choose the letters that you use and mess around with various settings.

What goes on inside the head of a kick-boxer?

Me, Myself and MRI is the cover feature on the March 2009 edition of the University of York magazine: http://www.york.ac.uk/admin/presspr/magazine/marchmag09.pdf

Mark Quinn DNA Portrait

The other inspiration for the project was this DNA portrait of leading genetic scientist John Sulston by Marc Quinn. National Portrait Gallery