Will brain scans be a feature of the Apprentice?

The BBC today continues the almost weekly trend of showing how useful MRI scanners are, by reporting on a study looking into people who make decisions. It is thought that this could allow you to spot people who might make good leaders. Read more: There is also a nice video showing a participant going […]

Pinpointing deception

The BBC reports today on research using Functional MRI to pinpoint which parts of the brain are used to deceive people. Researchers are hoping that helping to understand how the brain works will help in the understanding of ‘mental disorders’. Read more on the BBC website:


Can machines read our minds? This is a really interesting article from The Times that explores the new phenomenon of ‘brainjacking’, being used by marketing experts, psychologists and criminal investigators. It also looks at the ethics of invading someone’s thoughts without their consent: Times article on brainjacking

Brain scans and OCD

Looking at the brain to determine the structures associated with OCD: Brain scans ‘may detect OCD risk’

Functional MRI

News article on BBC website about using fMRI to look at the ‘reward centre’… Men motivated by ‘superior wage’

Brain ‘closes eyes’ to hear music

Our brains can turn down our ability to see to help them listen even harder to music and complex sounds, say experts. BBC News Website: