time to catch up (2) …

When we made our first visit to the archive rooms in the basement of the Yorkshire Museum, we were very intrigued by the drawers which contained a rich array of prehistoric artefacts – hand axes, tools, microliths. The process of watching Andrew open the drawers, take out an object and then talk about it was fascinating. We thought that it would be interesting if we could use this experience we had in the archive and use something like it in the exhibition.

Amy has been working hard on our behalf ( i hope we arent being too demanding) … and she has found a set of specimen drawers which we can use in the exhibition.

The drawers will be placed in the exhibition space alongside the archive shelving. The audience will be able to open the drawers. Inside will be a series of small plastic boxes which will contain a careful selection of artefacts. There will also be a number of digital photo-frames which will display some of Kippa’s images. There will also be more of Kippa’s photographic prints in some of the other drawers.

The viewer will be able to open the drawers and view the array of objects and images, part of his or her personal journey into this archive.

I have sourced the fabric which will line the rear wall of the Studio for the temporary projection screen. I now have 10m of this nice wide flameproof fabric sat under my desk. I must hand it over to Amy so she can hang it in the Studio.

I have made great progress on editing my video pieces. I am happy with the large scale landscape piece. I have given Damian a low-resolution copy so that he can start to put the soundscape together. I have also edited the interviews with Andrew, Nicky, Ben and James; again I have sent a low-res copy to Damian so he can tidy the audio tracks. I have a lovely time-lapse recorded over a weekend in the archive/ laboratory space in the Department of Archaeology, Kings Manor. I also have a video sequence of the roller-rack shelving opening and closing.

It is my intention to place all these videos apart from the large-scale projection piece onto the MMMRI monitor. However there may be too much material and I may have to jettison the time-lapse and the roller-rack sequence. If so I will put a link on this blog so people can see them here instead.

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