Speaker cables run through gaps in the paving and into a drainage channel

Installing at King’s Manor

Today was spent installing the audio equipment for Damian’s piece in King’s Manor. As the building is a historic setting we have to be very careful about how we place and secure the equipment. Luckily most of the courtyard is covered in gravel, so it’s been possible to run cables without being too obvious. The […]

Telling - Final Checks

Telling – Audio Available!

Telling was a bespoke installation for a specific event held in September 2012. The audio soundtrack for the project, designed and composed by Damian and featuring Julia’s words and voice is now available on Soundcloud: Other audio examples from our projects are also available via Damian’s Soundcloud page.

Scarborough South Bay - Where we swim

Sea Swim – Project Update

Two of the audio works from the Sea Swim project are now available on Damian’s Soundcloud page. A podcast based on the soundtrack to the Sea Swim film: And some of the sea swimmers reflecting on what swimming in the sea means to them: Find out more about the ongoing work of the Sea Swim […]

Listen to ‘A Sense of Place [Revisited]’

You can now listen to the remixed version of ‘A Sense of Place’ on SoundCloud.

Intel’s ‘Museum of Me’

It seems that the concept of identity is in the air again, as over the past few days several new ways to produce a modern day portrait have emerged. The latest is from Intel and makes use of your Facebook profile. It creates a virtual museum with different rooms showing pictures, connections, videos and status […]

Beatboxing Brain Scan

The BBC today features this video story about carrying out an MRI scan on UK champion beatboxer Reeps One. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-13620058 You can read the full article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-13613891

Social portraits

Is ‘Memolane‘ the future of digital portraits? It creates a timeline using all your online social media, both old and new. You can easily scan through the timeline to see what you did when and with who. Maybe this is what we’ll need as we make more and more use of sites like Flickr, Facebook […]

New ways of making portraits

There are constantly new ways evolving to create portraits and show who we are to the world. Why not try ‘Textify‘ to turn an image of yourself into a text portrait? You can choose the letters that you use and mess around with various settings.

Me, Myself & MRI website launches

With the exhibition completed, the project team have been working on documenting and archiving the whole project for the web. The new Me, Myself and MRI project website was launched earlier this month bringing this 4 year long project to a formal close.

Guest post on Wellcome

Kirsty did a guest post on the Wellcome Trust blog today, to mark the official launch of the newly revamped ‘Me, Myself and MRI’ website. You can read the post at: http://wellcometrust.wordpress.com/2011/01/12/me-myself-and-mri/