MRI helps track link between music and feeling good

Research just published in Nature Neuroscience suggests that listening to music releases mood enhancing dopamine into the brain. The researchers used PET and fMRI.

Will brain scans be a feature of the Apprentice?

The BBC today continues the almost weekly trend of showing how useful MRI scanners are, by reporting on a study looking into people who make decisions. It is thought that this could allow you to spot people who might make good leaders. Read more: There is also a nice video showing a participant going […]

Pinpointing deception

The BBC reports today on research using Functional MRI to pinpoint which parts of the brain are used to deceive people. Researchers are hoping that helping to understand how the brain works will help in the understanding of ‘mental disorders’. Read more on the BBC website:

Christine Talbot sneaks on to the BBC

The BBC News Channel did an outside broadcast from Knaresborough Technology Park yesterday, home of project partner Apollo Creative. The portrait of Christine Talbot featured as a back drop for several of the reports, including an interview with Mark Hildred. As one of the interviews wrapped up, the smiling face of Christine appeared on the […]

New finds at Star Carr

New excavations at the Star Carr site have uncovered what could be the oldest house in Britain:

MRI scans used for Autism diagnosis

BBC reports on the use of MRI scanning data to help diagnose autism in adults:

Sheeps in MRI scanner

Interesting article about using an MRI scanner on sheep to help boost flock quality!

nearly there …

… and here is the AITA tree, safely stowed not far from the Art Gallery … as you can see it is quite tall … today, the last day before we build the installation tomorrow, has seen a considerable rush around … I have cleaned Boyes Scarborough branch out of foam pads – that makes […]

three days to opening day …

Friday morning … the projector and DVD player have been installed in the Studio … I arrive late as the 7:38 train was (a) late leaving Scarborough and (b) the train nearly hit a tractor which was trying to cross the track … I only find out about this when I get to work as […]

time to catch up (2) …

When we made our first visit to the archive rooms in the basement of the Yorkshire Museum, we were very intrigued by the drawers which contained a rich array of prehistoric artefacts – hand axes, tools, microliths. The process of watching Andrew open the drawers, take out an object and then talk about it was […]