Prototype gets the once over…

We installed one of the exhibition pieces at York Neuroimaging Centre yesterday and University of York Chancellor Greg Dyke came to have a look.

Final exhibition unit

Here is a photo of one of the final exhibition units. This time it’s the right way round and sporting it’s picture frame and mount. Well, it might change a little bit more…

Prototype testing

The current prototype of the final exhibition unit is currently resident in my flat – partially for safe keeping and also to allow that extra bit of comfort whilst developing the interactivity. John and Kirsty came round today to try out the system. John brought a rough cut of some of the video footage to […]

Building commences

The Creative Group have now signed off the prototype of the final exhibition units, which means that we can start ordering and building the remaining five. We’ve still got some work to do on the interactivity and software, but the main components will remain the same. The unit shown is missing the picture frame and […]

Prototype unit to be built

We’ve finally given the go-ahead to produce a prototytpe of the final exhbition units. Based on a report we’ve put together that balances up everyones ideas and the costs (and budgets) involved, we think we’ve found a good solution. Now all we have to do is build one…

Demo of final artworks

Today we began with a discussion on project participants and selecting the final two subjects for our exhibition. We also saw a prototype version of the final exhibition pieces. Mark and Ben set the demo up in the classroom so that we could test the interactive technology and review the audio, video and photographic portraits. […]