Changes to interaction

Following Greg Dykes visit to YNIC, John and Kippa have suggested we change how the pieces interact with the public. The idea is to keep a single image or video on screen once a person approaches, rather than altering the element displayed the closer someone gets. This means that they can view the image or […]

Prototype testing

The current prototype of the final exhibition unit is currently resident in my flat – partially for safe keeping and also to allow that extra bit of comfort whilst developing the interactivity. John and Kirsty came round today to try out the system. John brought a rough cut of some of the video footage to […]

Interactive art installations

Today we talked about the sort of interactive technology we might use in the final exhibition. Interactive technology, when used in art installations, allows the audience to join in and interact with the artworks. Mark started the session by demonstrating different types of variable sensors such as a squeeze sensor, a pressure sensor and one […]