Interactive art installations

Today we talked about the sort of interactive technology we might use in the final exhibition. Interactive technology, when used in art installations, allows the audience to join in and interact with the artworks. Mark started the session by demonstrating different types of variable sensors such as a squeeze sensor, a pressure sensor and one […]

New Audio Recordings Available

Here are links to the two examples of audio editing carried out by the groups in the session we had on working with sound. The first example is the interviewee talking about the person who most inspires them. The group have done a good job of cleaning up the original material and also removing any […]

Audio Editing and the Recording Studio

Today’s session took place in the University of York Department of Electronics recording studio suite. We first of all started with a tour round the studio rooms and the media editing suite to get an idea of the kind of work that goes on here. There were two studio control rooms – one based on […]

Arts installations – Listening Post

This arts installation at the Science Museum in London is quite interesting. It grabs bits of internet conversations and displays four letter words on lots of small screens. A synthesiser also speaks the words creating a kind of singing. Listening Post

Ethics in Science and Art…

Today we discussed what ‘Ethics’ are or what the term actually means. It’s difficult to define exactly but the term covers many ideas about, for instance, right/wrong, public and personal values, the influence and role of society, religion, law. There are also many other things to discuss when talking about ethics – these ideas are […]

YOUnique exhibition at Impressions Gallery

YOUnique opens this weekend at Impressions Gallery and runs until 2 March in their Studio. Students from Bradford Academy worked with Columbian artist Juan Pablo Echeverri looking at the links between appearance and identity and what makes us unique and created a new video work. Check it out at Impressions’ website