Group Session

PR and Marketing

Today’s session was all about PR and marketing. We started off looking at how to put together a press release, thinking about the four questions you need to ask yourself each time you put one together: who are you writing for? what have you got to say? how are you going to say it? where […]

Refresher session at YNIC

Today the group visited the York Neuro-Imaging Centre (YNIC) again for a refresher on MRI scanners and the OSIRIX software. Sam presented an accelerated presentation on both MRI and MEG machines at the centre and then we managed to sneak a look at the MRI machine again between scans. There seemed to be a lot […]

Demo of final artworks

Today we began with a discussion on project participants and selecting the final two subjects for our exhibition. We also saw a prototype version of the final exhibition pieces. Mark and Ben set the demo up in the classroom so that we could test the interactive technology and review the audio, video and photographic portraits. […]

2nd July – Review Session

Today we spent the session reviewing where we have got to and planned the noticeboard for the school. ParticipantsTo begin with we went over the reponses we have had from people we want to do portraits of. Quite a few of the famous people we have approached are too busy with other projects to take […]

Interactive art installations

Today we talked about the sort of interactive technology we might use in the final exhibition. Interactive technology, when used in art installations, allows the audience to join in and interact with the artworks. Mark started the session by demonstrating different types of variable sensors such as a squeeze sensor, a pressure sensor and one […]

New Audio Recordings Available

Here are links to the two examples of audio editing carried out by the groups in the session we had on working with sound. The first example is the interviewee talking about the person who most inspires them. The group have done a good job of cleaning up the original material and also removing any […]

Photographic Portraits

Today Kippa Matthews, our photographer, ran a session on portrait photography. We started by looking at examples of different types of portrait, including works by photographers such as Jane Bown, Steve Pyke, Arnold Newman, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Martin Parr. We discussed the different types of lighting used – several of the portraits we looked at […]

Audio Editing and the Recording Studio

Today’s session took place in the University of York Department of Electronics recording studio suite. We first of all started with a tour round the studio rooms and the media editing suite to get an idea of the kind of work that goes on here. There were two studio control rooms – one based on […]

Video and portraits

Todays session was about using video to help create a portrait of our subjects. John Oxley, our video artist showed us several video clips and lead us through a discussion of various techniques. The session was designed to look very quickly at a number of key issues: composition and framing; point of view; who is […]

Individuality – What makes us who we are?

To start with we went over the project and what we have done so far. This helped us refresh after the Easter break and get back up to speed and also gave us the opportunity to look at what we will be doing this term. Today’s session was all about what makes us an individual. […]