The Making of Me, Myself and MRI

The project team all got together to do some filming for the extended version of the ‘Making of’ video.

Me, Myself and MRI – the ‘making of’ video

John edited a short video/slideshow to accompany the exhibition launch. It tells the story of the project to date and you can watch it here:

Prototype testing

The current prototype of the final exhibition unit is currently resident in my flat – partially for safe keeping and also to allow that extra bit of comfort whilst developing the interactivity. John and Kirsty came round today to try out the system. John brought a rough cut of some of the video footage to […]

Video and portraits

Todays session was about using video to help create a portrait of our subjects. John Oxley, our video artist showed us several video clips and lead us through a discussion of various techniques. The session was designed to look very quickly at a number of key issues: composition and framing; point of view; who is […]